Menatelecom VIVA acquisition FAQs

February 2018

  1. Has VIVA Bahrain fully acquired Menatelecom?
    Yes, VIVA Bahrain has fully acquired Menatelecom and our goal is to provide you with an even greater level of service experience and support as part of our long term strategy. Your satisfaction is our highest priority. We officially welcome you on board as a part of the VIVA family.
  2. How does this affect me as a customer? Will I remain on the same plan and contract I have with Menatelecom?
    We will continue to honor your existing contract with Menatelecom. If any enhancements must be made to your plan, we will inform you of the offers ahead of making any change. Your satisfaction is a priority to us.
  3. Will there be any impact on my service and experience as a customer due to the acquisition?
    Our aim at VIVA Bahrain and Menatelecom is to continue providing our customers the highest quality of service. Over time we will be implementing some enhancements and improvement to the network which will allow you to benefit from a higher quality of service. In the meantime there will be no adverse impact on your service and experience.
  4. Am I expected to do anything throughout this process?
    This process will be entirely handled by us and will only require your involvement if we’re making enhancements to your existing plan and contract. In this case we will inform you prior to making any changes.
  5. What will happen when my contract ends?
    We will notify you on the changes if any before your contract ends. Rest assured that you will be enjoying new benefits and services on the fastest mobile network in the Kingdom.
  6. Who shall I contact for support?
    You can continue to contact Menatelecom’s Call Centre number 07770 or visit any of the Menatelecom branches for the time being. In future we will also be serving Menatelecom customers at the VIVA call center and branches – you will be notified when this change occurs.