Why join menatelecom?

At menatelecom, we view our human capital as our most important asset and recognize that the strength and dedication of each and every member of our team is what makes menatelecom a world-class organization and helps us to meet-if not exceed-the expectations of our customers. As such, we take seriously our commitment to ensure our employees are provided with the necessary training and resources to implement, at all times, international best practices and standards in telecommunications. That’s why menatelecom proudly employs some of the best and brightest minds in the industry.


Despite being a young company, we have a heritage that's the envy of the telecoms industry. When menatelecom was launched 2003, we set out to help people communicate more easily. Leading by example, we cut through all the jargon and techno-speak so that people knew exactly what they were getting. And we were forward thinking when it came to charging too, offering convenient talk plans, and per second billing. It's this dedication to putting our customers first that has made us into one of Bahrain's most recognizable and appealing brands; one that'll look great on your CV.


Celebrities are always being asked how fame has changed them and whether they've forgotten their roots. In some ways, a successful business faces a similar challenge. The good news is our personality is as distinctive and unique as it's always been. And it comes through in everything we do, from our advertising to our working environments and in our service.


People who come to menatelecom are always surprised at how relaxed and friendly it is here. We realized a long time ago that if our people are happy and content, they'll pass that on to our customers. And funnily enough, it works like a charm. So don't be surprised if you're asked for ideas on how we can make things better, or given the freedom to be yourself when dealing with customers. Because although it feels like fun, there's a sound business reasoning behind it.

If you think that menatelecom is the place for you, write to us with your CV at