menaGamer Packages

menaGamer packages offer unique advantages which include a Free Static IP, Unlimited downloads 12am-12pm, and increased upload rates to give you the best gaming experience available.

How will menaGamer perform when Your Data is consumed?

No matter which package you decide on, your upload speed will always be sufficient to give you a great online experience – even when you have consumed all your data! In fact, our “Throttled Upload Speed” on menaGamer is the highest available in the market today.

Furthermore, experienced gamers are aware that a Static IP offers a huge advantage when it comes to high intensity online action games by providing a stable connection with lower delays and avoiding frequent disconnections. This feature is provided free of charge only from Menatelecom.

Package Name Download Speed Upload SpeedUpload Speed (Throttled) GBFreeContract TermMonthly Price(BD)
menaGamer MAX 4G 6MB 1MB 100 Static IP 12/18/24 Months 17
menaGamer Plus MAX 4G 8MB 2MB 160 Static Ip 12/18/24 Months 20

BD 5 setup fee applicable

CPE Price
12 Month Contract BD15
18-24 Month Contract FREE

Mena Home

Mena Home LiTE


MyFi LiTE 4G LTE Device

New to Gaming?

Menatelecom customers are now able to receive a brand new PlayStation4 in either Black or White on a comfortable installment basis. This option can be added to the menaGamer package or any other menaHome or MyFi packages at BD13 or above.

Installment Options

Device Name Down Payment(BD) Contract PeriodMonthly Installment (BD)
PlayStation 4 (1TB) 50 12 13
PlayStation 4 (500GB) 50 12 12
PlayStation 4 (1TB) 40 18 10
PlayStation 4 (500GB) 40 18 9
PlayStation 4 (1TB) 25 24 8
PlayStation 4 (500GB) 25 24 7

PlayStation 4 (1TB)

PlayStation 4 (500GB)